6 Amazing Benefits of Canoeing and Kayaking

An outdoor exercise won’t be fully complete without extreme physical exercise to get your blood pumping and keep the adrenaline going. If you love outdoor exercises, you will agree that looking for something enjoyable to do in your free time is prime. Getting out on the water in kayaks or canoes is among the pleasurable activities you can indulge yourself in. Today, canoeing and kayaking have become a prevalent activities among people. It is a fun and healthy active recreation for the body and soul. Canoeing and kayaking come with numerous health benefits.

Benefits of Canoeing and Kayaking

1. Enhances strength in the upper body

When we paddle to push canoes or kayaks, our muscles in the chest, arms, shoulders, and back tend to contract and relax. This, in turn, makes the upper body strength increase.

2. Improves core strength

When paddling a canoe or kayak, the torso muscles are also put into action. This happens due to the movements made when moving the paddle.

3. Improves leg strength

When kayaking, more pressure is applied through the legs, which increases the lower body strength.

4. Enhances Cardiovascular Fitness

This is one of the significant benefits of canoeing and kayaking. Like any other exercise, kayaking and canoeing increase heart rate, which in turn help to enhance heart strength. This kind of exercise is highly advisable for older persons looking to have a healthier heart.

5. Helps in weight loss

If you engage in paddling kayaks or canoes, you are likely to burn lots of calories. Besides, you will be having a great time too. Compared to running or cycling, canoeing and kayaking are known as the best exercise for burning calories, leading to weight loss.

6. Reduces stress levels

While doing exercise, endorphins are produced, which act as a natural pain killer which helps in reducing stress. These endorphins make you able to sleep hence reducing stress.


Canoeing and kayaking are relevant for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. This is an interesting way to spend time and a safe sport that makes you healthy. You will indeed reduce stress and burn calories when you take part in these exercises.