Benefits of Canoeing and Kayaking

When summer approaches, it is vital to choose an activity that will help you exercise and keep warm. If it interests you to do outdoor activities, then canoeing and kayaking are great choices. The sport will bring with it a lot of fun and health benefits, such as:

Increases muscle strength

To those who want to increase their muscles mass, then kayaking is the best sport. That’s because kayaking involves working with the arms, which will strengthen your back and shoulders. Also, canoeing works well with the upper body and produces excellent outcomes. The total combination of the workout helps to increase mass in your muscles and burn down calories faster.

Reduces stress

Generally, exercising helps a great deal in reducing stress. Thus, after a long day at work, you can choose to do an outdoor activity which will help you relax. For example, padding out in your canoe and breathing the fresh air from the water can help eliminate any tension brought about by the usual activities.

Burns calories

Apart from the fun which comes with canoeing and kayaking, the health benefit is quite tremendous. The activity involves using a lot of strength since it combines different muscle groups during the execution. Studies show that around 300 and 400 calories are burned within an hour of the exercise. Therefore, if you are concerned about your health, you can keep fit through exercise.

Improves mood

Are you feeling down? If you are, you can improve your mood with kayaking or canoeing. The general exercise brought about by the activities can help if you feel upset or in a bad mood. That’s because the brain releases certain chemicals during aerobic exercise, which help enhance mood. So, people suffering from anxiety or depression can also benefit from this exercise. Therefore, choosing canoeing and kayaking will help improve your health a great deal.